Recommendations For Your Upcoming Backyard Renovation Project

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Yard projects that are going to update your yard and improve its use and condition of its appearance can require a lot of work and time, especially when you are using shovels, a wheelbarrow, or other manual tools. The following are some recommendations to help make your next backyard project easier physically and less time-consuming.

Arrange For Equipment Rental

As you make plans to do some big renovations in your yard, instead of getting out your small tools and yard equipment you store in your garage or shed, consider renting bigger and heavier equipment to make the work go more smoothly. A local equipment rental company can provide you with commercial-grade equipment, such as a Bobcat, skid steer, or other mini excavator to level soil, spread around gravel, or change the slope of your yard terrain. And you can also rent a trencher to dig the trenches in your yard for installing an in-ground sprinkler system or laying electrical conduit to supply electricity to your shed, chicken coop, or other outbuilding.

If you are planning to plant new lawn seed, you will need to prepare the soil by tilling it and mixing in some compost or manure. A commercial rototiller will give you the power to deeply till the soil and distribute the fertilizer to start your new lawn off right.

Hire the Right Professional Services

When you are clearing some land of vegetation to make space for another property use, it can be difficult to remove large root vegetation, such as shrubbery and trees. These large types of vegetation growth can be very woody and tough, especially for a traditional shovel, rototiller, or power saw. For example, when you have a dead tree situated in your yard, you will want to remove the tree to safely disassemble the tree to prevent the chance of the tree falling in a windstorm and damaging your home. A local tree professional has the equipment and knowledge to remove the tree safely.

Contact a construction equipment rental business about renting the equipment to chip up the wood leftover after the tree removers have cut down your tree. You can rent a commercial strength wood chipper to make the job easier and go more quickly. Then, to remove the stump from the soil, look at renting a stump grinder, which can come on an attachment with a rented Bobcat or skid steer. If you have already rented one of these types of machinery for your backyard project, you are halfway there grinding the stump within the soil into little pieces of wood that benefit the soil.

For additional tips, reach out to a local construction equipment rental company.