A Guide To The Various Crane Operators Tests

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Crane operators go through a vigorous and difficult certification process. The process requires the taking of two tests: a hands-on practical test and a written exam. Of course, the test that you take depends on what type of crane you are getting certified for. Nonetheless, you need to pass the written exam before you are able to schedule the practical test. Just like with any standardized test, you need to be methodical and organize when it comes to preparation. This article gives you a few helpful tips and techniques for preparing for and passing both parts of the crane operators certification tests.

All crane operator test are organized and governed by the NCCCO (or National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators). This national body administers the test, helps operators find work and insurance, and provides helpful study guides that can be used to help pass the test. That is, the NCCCO website can be any crane test candidate's best friend. If you utilize the various tools and read all about process, you won't be surprised.

Understanding the Process

Just as it is very important to know the actual subject matter and questions that will be on the test, you also need to know what the actual process is going to be like. That is, where you will go, how you will take the test, how long it will take, what you need to bring with you, and when you will hear back about your results. Basically, if you show up prepared, you'll be less nervous and be able to perform better. This is definitely true for both the practical and written parts of the testing process. You can find all of the vital test taking information on the NCCCO website.

Studying for the Written Test

Basically, the first thing you need to do is take the written test. It is important to you study for this, because even crane operators who have worked as apprentices or understudies find the written exam to be unique in form. That is, even if you have a strong practical knowledge of crane operation and experience operating a specific type of crane, the test for that certification might be confusing because you need to memorize numbers and rules.

Since many crane operators already have experience operating cranes before they are certified, they find the written exam to be more difficult than the practical exam. This is why it is so important to utilize the provided study guides. For more information, contact a company like PMM Cranes.