Are Your Shop Air Compressors Failing? What To Do Fast

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If your shop workers use air compressors in their everyday work and you worry that your models are outdated, or aren't working as well as they should be, you want to find a professional air compressor distribution company to come to the shop. You want to have all of your units looked at and inspected, so you know if it's time to invest some money into new machinery, and to get rid of your older units. Here are a few of the things the distributor and a mechanic can do.


The air compressors can bring a mechanic that can tune up and clean the current machines that you are using. They will notice if there are any faulty or dirty parts that need to be replaced, or if there are any other mechanical concerns that could preventing the machines from working as you would want them to. With a full service tune-up, you know what's wrong and what you need to maintain better on the machine in the future.

Evaluate and Test

After the machine has been tuned up you want to have it tested. The mechanic will test to see if the air compressor is giving out the amount of pressure that is needed, and will test to see if its working as it's supposed to. It's best to do this after the tune-up, to make sure all the airlines are clean, so you don't get a faulty reading because of clogged lines that reduce pressure.

Replacement Options

If the machines aren't producing the pressure needed and the mechanic estimate you need a lot of replacement parts and work, it may be best to just replace the air compressor machines that you have on the floor. New machines will work more efficiently, are less likely to have repair issues in the near future, and can help your workers do their jobs like they need to with the air compression pressure.

If you use the air compressors in your shop to clean out machinery, fill tires, and do other things that are daily tasks for the workers, and these are machines that get a lot of use, it's time to invest your money in something that you know will get used and that will help improve productivity. Talk with the air compressor distribution company to see if you can get a discount purchasing multiple units, and to see if you can sell your old ones. For more information, visit websites like