Prepare For Deck Additions With Good Footings For Stable Structures

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Decks are a popular addition for homes to add outdoor living space. Decks are usually wood structures, which need to have proper footings and fastening systems to prevent failures. To start with a deck project for your home, you will want to add the footings and support to ensure your deck is safe and sound. Here are some of the things that need to be done to ensure your new deck is stable and not at risk of failure:

1. Preparing the Deck Layout for Load Points Where Footings Are Needed

To get started protecting your deck from any type of failures, you will first want to layout the load points on the ground below. Make sure that there is a footing on all the corners and areas where beams are sliced and need to be supported with a column. The areas where the beams are spliced can be supported with a post or column, as well as have galvanized finished brackets that add to the appearance and structural integrity of your deck.

2. Digging Footings to The Proper Depth to Give Deck Solid Support

It is important to dig the footings to the appropriate depth. The footings should be dug below the ground freezing layer of soil, which is different depending on the area where you live. In southern areas, the footings will not need to be as deep as in northern regions that have colder weather. This is due to the frost layer being deeper in northern areas. You may also want to consider setting galvanized post fasteners in the footings, which will secure post supports and prevent them from being pushed up when the ground freezes.

3. Proper Fastening and Location of Column Supports That Will Carry Deck Loads

The most important part of securing your deck is fastening it to your home. It is also important to make sure that columns or structural posts are located beneath all load-bearing points. To ensure your deck is built to last, make sure you use fasteners with a galvanized finish. The galvanized fasteners are treated to protect from corrosion due to exposure to rain and the elements.

These are some of the things that you want to make sure are done to ensure your deck structure is secure. Contact a galvanized fastener service, like one from Rogers Brothers Galvanizing, to help with the design of fastening systems to ensure your new outdoor space is sturdy and will last for years to come.