Making a Forklift Training Video for Your Employees? A Few Real-Life Incidents to Include

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People are visual creatures. They learn a lot by watching others and by watching videos of others. If you find that you have to take a lot of time out of your busy day to constantly train new employees on how to operate a forklift, maybe it is time to develop a forklift training video of your own. In fact, here are few real life incidents to include in your video to show your employees what carelessness, recklessness and stupidity while operating a forklift can do. Then you can hire a video editing professional to cut these clips into your training video. Here is how to find the videos that may work best as clips in your training video.


Accidents happen when drivers are backing up and not watching where they are going, then stepping on the gas without straightening out the wheel. The results are injuries to other warehouse employees walking by and/or major damages to warehouse shelves and products. Sometimes, warehouse employees may not properly estimate the height at which the fork needs to be elevated before attempting to drop the pallet and the load on the pallet. That is carelessness!

Dangerous and Intentional Misuse of Property

Speeding on a forklift and racing forklifts are examples of intentional misuse of the machine that puts others and the driver at risk. Yes, people do not-so-smart things in the warehouse when the boss is not around or not looking. Drivers put the gas pedal of the forklifts through the floor and race down the warehouse aisles only to crash into walls and shelves and cause everything to collapse on top of them. The obvious damages to the forklift can be seen even before the shelves tumble or the walls buckle from the fork.


Somebody who does not know how to drive a forklift definitely should not be driving one. These drivers will get the forklift into a perpendicular position to two warehouse shelving units, and then keep trying to back up and pull forward and turn the wheel to get out of this position. Others will attempt a Y-turn as though the forklift is a car and they have plenty of road to do this. The end results in both cases are damaged forklifts and toppled shelving.

Be sure to go over the above instances in your forklift training video. Include commentary about what to do, what not to do, and what unsafe behavior will get your employees fired.