4 Unusual And Handy Attachments For Skid Steers

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A skid steer is one of the most versatile and convenient pieces of heavy machinery on any construction site. It's rare to see a job site without one. That's because these handy little machines function well for so many different applications and on tough terrain. They can be used with wheels or tracks, giving them great traction even in muddy, wet, dusty, gravelly, and sandy conditions. Part of what makes them so versatile is that the drivetrain is powered by a hydraulic motor, and they're lightweight compared to larger excavators. That makes them easily transportable and easily maneuverable.

Another reason they're so versatile is that they can be used with a huge variety of attachments from buckets to drills to forklifts. In fact, there are a few unusual attachments you might not realize even exist. But if you're in an industry that uses one of these handy attachments, you undoubtedly rely on it all the time.  

1. Tree Shears

At first glance, this skid steer attachment looks like the claws of some kind of science fiction monster, but tree shears are actually a giant set of razor-sharp saws designed for cutting tree trunks in landscaping applications. Imagine slicing a tree in half with a giant pair of serrated kitchen shears, and that's about what it looks like when landscaping professionals use this attachment on the job. It's a labor-saving device that looks unusual but saves hours of work.  

2. Sand Bagger

The beauty of the skid steer is every attachment can make a difficult and time-consuming job easier and more efficient. That's undoubtedly why this particular attachment was invented. The sandbagging attachment looks like a large metal rectangle with two metal chutes, side by side. Sandbags are placed under individual channels below the chutes. Sand or gravel is then dumped into the chutes and directed into the bags, without overfilling. In a situation where flooding is imminent, the speed of the sandbag attachment can make all the difference.  

3. Vacuum Loader

One of the most fascinating developments in skid steer attachments is a vacuum loader. Imagine picking up a bowling ball with a highly powered floor vacuum, and you can imagine how this attachment is used and how it's been adapted for construction applications. The vacuum loader uses extreme vacuum pressure to lift very heavy loads with a lot of surface area like steel plates or concrete slabs.  

4. Sod Layer

Another unusual attachment specific for its industry is a sod layer, used by landscapers to lay large amounts of sod quickly. The sod layer looks like a large metal frame with a protruding front rod. Sod is then spooled around the front rod and unspooled over the ground evenly in a single layer as the skid steer drives.

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