Testing Your New Transformer

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Setting up a new industrial transformer can be an arduous task. In addition to finding the right location for the equipment, you need to take precautions to ensure the transformer will work properly once it has been installed. Transformer function can be checked using a variety of tests.

Here are two tests that you need to conduct after setting up an industrial transformer to ensure it will work properly well into the future:

1. Megger Test

Your new industrial transformer will be equipped with insulation to help prevent the unwanted flow of electricity. This insulation plays a critical role in ensuring that the transformer will not pose a safety hazard to workers coming near the equipment in the future.

The insulation installed on your transformer can be compromised during shipping. Before you power up your industrial transformer, you should engage in a Megger test to check the integrity of the insulation. The Megger test utilizes an insulation resistance meter to identify punctures or other damage sustained by electrical insulation.

A Megger test can also help identify moisture that may be present within the insulation as a result of exterior damage. You should always perform this test before putting your transformer to use to help reduce the risk of electrocution caused by faulty electrical insulation.

2. Power Factor Test

Another important test that you want to run before putting your industrial transformer to use is a power factor test. The power factor is essentially the ratio of available power relative to the demand for power. In order to ensure that your transformer is running efficiently, you want the power supply and the power demand to be relatively equal.

A power factor test can help you identify any problems within the transformer that are compromising its performance. These problems can include reactive loads present within the electrical circuits, harmonic circuits being reflected back into the electrical system, or current flows that are present within the electrical distribution system that does not contribute to the workload (sometimes referred to as imaginary power).

Identifying and addressing these issues through a power test will help you reduce your electrical costs once your industrial transformer is up and running.

Setting up a new transformer is a complex and challenging process. In order to ensure that your new transformer will function properly, be sure that you are taking the time to test its performance through a Megger test and a power factor test following installation.

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