3 Ways A Plant Relocation Team Can Assist Your Business

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If you own a business that uses a lot of complex machinery, moving to a larger location is not as simple as putting everything into boxes and driving it over to your new location. You need a plan for taking apart each piece of equipment that you have and carefully planning the move and set-up of your new plant. Here are three ways a plant relocation team can help assist your business with your specialized moving needs.

#1 Assign A Project Manager

When you work with a plant relocation team, a project manager will be assigned to oversee your move. The responsibility for planning the successful move of your equipment will be passed onto the project manager. This will allow you to focus on running your business and allow you to leave the details of planning your move to a professional.

A project manager will pre-plan all of the steps of your move, from cleaning the equipment and taking it apart to putting it back together again at the new location. They will ensure that nothing is looked over or left behind.

#2 Engineering Concerns

Moving complex equipment is very different from moving furniture. You need to ensure that everything is taken apart correctly, handled correctly, and put back together in the right manner. This is a complex process that is generally best overseen by an engineer who can ensure that everything is treated as it should be and put back together correctly. A plant relocation team can provide you with the personal assistance of an engineer whose specializes in moving and reassembling complex and expensive equipment without damaging it.

Just because you work with the equipment everyday does not mean you have the expertise to move the equipment properly. It is best to bring in an expert when dealing with equipment that cost thousands or millions of dollars.

#3 Structural Updates

Finally, a plant relocation team can do more than just move your equipment; they can also help you set up and prepare the new site for your equipment and business needs. A full-service plant relocation team will be able create a floor plan that flows well for your new locations and a system for installing and testing the machineryout in its new home, and they will be able to make any welding, fabrication, or physical alternations that are necessary to your new location in order for all of your machinery to work properly.

A plant relocation team offers you more than a moving truck. They can offer you a move coordinated by a professional project manager and overseen by plant engineers.